Tri-State Mite Hockey League
2023-24 League Outline
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What is TSMHL?

The TSMHL is a full ice supplemental league that works perfectly with your cross ice hockey teams playing in the VHL.

Why Does it Fit Perfectly with VHL?

The TSMHL is run by Valley Associates...the same organization that runs the VHL and schedules all your cross ice hockey games. This means little to no conflict with your primary cross ice teams schedules.

Who Is TSMHL For?

The TSMHL is perfect for any mite aged player looking to gain some experience playing on a full sheet. It is especially good for those players who are in their last year of mite hockey and are looking to get acclimated  to full ice hockey for the coming season.

Are There different levels of play? the VHL, the TSMHL offers AAA, AA and A level of play. One of the things that makes the VHL such a great league is the parity...and the TSMHL is run in a similar fashion to ensure each team experiences maximum development from game play.

How many games will a team play?

TSMHL league members will play 15 regular season games (starting in early December) plus playoffs.

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